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Can Drinking Tea (of All Things) Really Help You Lose Weight?

  Is There Really a Relationship Between Drinking Certain Tea & Losing Weight?   Could the Real Secret to Weight Loss Be Something as Simple as Tea?     By Elizabeth (Liz) Swann Miller     There I was standing in the wilds of Africa with a massive, red, venomous snake looking right at me and a single thought racing through my mind –“why in the world did I risk my life for this cup of tea?”   The truth is I was looking for what I considered to be the weight loss “holy grail” - a tea that legend claimed completely erased hunger pangs.   The story so intrigued me that I decided to leave the comfort of my home...

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Join our LED Crochet Hooks Set Giveaway

Hello to everyone. I first off would like to start by thanking each and every single one of you for the support throughout our branding process. Time has rolled on by and it has been nothing but fun and a learning experience. From meeting new people and building relationships with other local businesses, to attending events Iv never even thought of, its been one helluva ride and theres no stopping. So in my appreciation and thanks to everyone for the awesome support, I thought a giveaway would be fun!  So I decided to do a giveaway for our LED Crochet Hooks and give a fair chance for everyone to win.  It’ll be fun and will give everyone a shot to win some...

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This Is Why You Should Be Cautious When Buying Laser Pointers Online

I’m sure all of you reading this have seen or used a laser pointer at some point in your life, or maybe you’ve even bought one online. But have you ever paid attention to the warning signs on your laser pointer or how dangerous your laser pointer can be? Well, I’m here to help keep you and your eyes safe from the damage a wrong laser pointer can do. Let’s start off with why a laser pointer is different to a torch. The light from a torch is the combination of many colours and spreads out in all directions. A laser pointer, however, gives off light of a single colour and does not spread out but instead all the light...

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