22 Inch 648W LED Light Bar

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One of your best options for increasing driving visibility is adding a LED light bar. Whether it’s a car, truck, boat, or off-road vehicle, these devices create a wide field of bright illumination that provide extra safety when you’re out in the dark. 

At the heart of these devices are LED bulbs. Like other diodes, LEDs allow current to flow in just one direction. but they generate light in the process. For a better understanding, an advance degree in solid state physics is helpful. Keep in mind that LED bulbs are limited in their size. Beyond a certain mass, the heat retention quickly eats into the light’s efficiency. LED light bars consist of individual bulbs arranged in one or more strips of varying length. They are designed to remain lit even if one or more bulbs cease working.​

LED Power: 648W
Lumen: 64800LM
Dimension: 22INCH
IP rating: IP68
Working voltage: 10-30V
Color temperature: 6000K
Beam Type: 60 degree Flood & 30 degree Spot (Combo Light)
LED chip: 108*6W High Power Chip
Mounting Bracket: Die-casting Aluminum
Housinng: Die-casting Aluminum Housing
PC Lens: Abrasion resistant virtually unbreakable lens
Life Span: >50000hours

Package Included:
1x 648W 22INCH LED Light Bar
1x Mounting Set