Bunion Corrector Socks

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These Pain Relieving Toe Socks treat bunions and also reduce pain from common foot conditions like plantar fasciitis, neuropathy, and more! Simply wear every night to bed, and wake up to pain-free feet! The toe separating technology retrains foot bones to align properly, resulting in less pain, and treating bunions! Both big toe bunions and 'tailor's bunions' heal within a few weeks of use! Comfortable and easy to put on, these socks come in one size but stretch considerably to match your foot shape. For both men and women!

See what one of our customers says:

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ M.D. (Verified Purchase)

"These socks are the third product I have tried to relieve foot pain. One of my feet has a metatarsal neuroma and toe cramps (hammer toes). The other foot is plagued with an ingrown toenail but otherwise pretty much okay. Gummy toe separators felt too bulky. Reusable shoe pads are really helping but hard to get placed right in every shoe. The socks are the best thing ever. Sleeping in these socks has alleviated the ingrown toenail (at least the pain). Now my right foot has only minor toe cramps (I think the socks help straighten my crooked toes). The pain in back of my toes by the ball of my foot is greatly reduced when walking around barefoot or in regular socks. I have not had so little pain in my foot for years. The socks themselves are comfortable (maybe too small for wide or bigger feet (I am a women's 8). They wash well by hand or in the washing machine. I totally recommend this type of sock for anyone with metatarsal issues."


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