AB Wheel Abdominal Exerciser Waist Slimming Trainer Roller Core Double Fitness

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Ten minutes a day, 6 levels of force can be adjusted, step by step let you change

Boys can use this exercise to have eight pack abs, arm muscle lines, 

latissimus dorsi, firming buttocks.

Girls can use this exercise to have thin arms, breast enlargement, thin 

waist, abdomen, lifting leg lines, firming buttocks

The material is latex, good elasticity, strong and long service life. It can 

adjust the length of the rope and adjust the tension by the hole position at 

the bottom of the raft.

Anti-pulley bottom, elastic rubber rope, professional skid plate

Color: green

Material: ABS/PP

Cushion: EVA

Hose: High elastic elastic tube

Pull rope: 35-95cm

Net weight: 1100g




The devil stretches the bodybuilder, and it is easy for you to be healthy 

and beautiful.

From easy to difficult, step by step exercise, let you more insist

The phased changes in the completion of exercise are restricted by the 

physiological functions of the human body. Under the control of the 

comprehensive logical thinking laws such as conditioning and analysis, there 

is a simple to complex exercise process.