Christmas Embossing Rolling Pin

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The PERFECT Christmas Gift to Bake Awesome Cookies - Get in the Holiday Spirit!

  • Bake Fun Christmas Cookies: get in the Christmas spirit with your choice of 6 fun patterns
  • Enjoy Natural Material: designed with eco-friendly natural wood that looks and feels great
  • Comfortable to Hold: specially made grip provides maximum ease of use
  • Dishwasher Friendly: quickly throw it in the dishwasher or wash by hand after use
  • Stain, Odor, and Stick Resistant: don't worry about your pin getting messy or smelly - it won't!

Over 27,500 Sold so Far!

Feel the Christmas Spirit

What's Christmas without baking winter-themed cookies? 

Better yet, what is winter without baking any cookies?

It's just not the same!

Bring your family and friends together to create awesome treats with WinterRoll™.

WinterRoll™ comes with 3 Christmas-themed designs for you to decorate all your treats. Each design is intricately made for maximum fun!

Watch around you as everyone has a blast using the rolling pins. The designs are just too cool. Be the one that provides the holiday joy to your family :)

Naturally Elegant Material

Each rolling pin is made up of natural wood. We only choose the best, most ecologically friendly material to put into our products.

We don't use chemicals, and we don't use cheap material. Feel the WinterRoll™ difference for yourself! 

WinterRoll™ was built to last so that you and your family can create amazing baked treats for many winters to come.

Enjoy elegant wood designed specifically for homemade goods. 

Safe with food and looks great!

Easy to Use, Easy to Clean

Every handle is specially made for comfort. When you're rolling your cookie designs, you'll be amazed at how easy it is.

No resistance, no cramping. When you're baking cookies, the last thing you should have to deal with is discomfort. And now, you won't have to anymore!

Better yet, when you're done with WinterRoll™ you can stick it right in the dishwasher. Or choose to clean it by hand. 

Either way, any excess material comes right off. It'll be ready for use again in no time!

No Stick, No Stains, No Problem!

When it comes to food products, the worst thing in the world is something that's sticky and easily dirtied.

We all know what it's like to use some kind of food tool and let it sit there. The next thing you know, you walk into the kitchen and it wreaks!

What a holiday joy killer that would be!

Thankfully, WinterRoll™ makes sure you won't ever have to deal with this. 

The natural wood material is anti-stick, anti-stain, and anti-odor.

It'll never stay dirty, and it's always resistant to smell. So even if you leave it sitting out, you won't have to deal with any stink.

The only thing you'll smell are the amazingly designed cookies you just made!

Product Details

Material: natural wood

Length: 43 cm