TVS Neck Massage Pillow™

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Does stress and anxiety keep you awake at night? Are you struggling with sore muscles or low back pain?

Now you can relieve the symptoms of back or shoulder pain, reduce stress and feel more energized with our massage cushion. Enjoy soothing massages at home, at the office or even in your car and feel all the tension and pain melt away.

Surprise your loved ones with a special gift! Spoil your wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend or parents with the Sellurite Massager with warmth today and give them a birthday, birthday, housewarming or unique Christmas gift! 

Enjoy even more functions with the upgraded six-button version:

 Choose your exact intensity to suit your needs. 

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Customer Reviews

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Lightning delivery! On the fourth day from iom. the order was called from sdek and told that i was a parcel. Brought on the same day, straight to work brought. At first i did not understand what order, because. There were others. The courier asked what box to look for in size large or small. I even got sick, i say which one was brought, and come on, and he asks me, "them, boxes, full car, how do i understand that yours? "in general, suggested what should be. Although in the reviews i read that quickly comes, but not the same! So quickly has not received the goods yet. I took it for my mother's gift. Tested on itself. Massager in the form of a pillow ordered, can be used in different zones of the shop (cervical department of posv.), Gop, pop, in general, who likes it. I liked it, but i need to get used to energetic vibrations. The massager works with and without infrared mode. I'm sure the gift will appeal to you. As a gift, the seller put rosary beads. Thank you very much and successful sales!


Super fast delivery, in pt evening the seller wrote that everything sent. In the sun at 10 am i already had a courier (in moscow). The massager is wonderful, only tedious to lie down correctly or sit down. I will order more as a gift for the new year. Thank You so much to seller


TVS Neck Massage Pillow™


Delivery was very fast. But thanks to the company that delivered the order to me, the box was brought crumpled. For the gift is no longer suitable. Complete set: two wires for the ability to connect through layout and with the ability to connect in the car. And accordingly the massager. The massager itself is made of fabric and artificial leather. There is an unpleasant smell. It was not possible to wash to the end unfortunately. The device in principle performs its function, i would like of course for more modes. But in general, the massager suits me.


Good massager. Came in a large package, complete with instructions in english, power supplies for the network and for the cigarette lighter. I bought with six buttons, but they did not notice super-functions. Even the manufacturer himself doubts their need-in the instructions there is not a word about their functionality.